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run longer, stronger, happier programmes

Ideal if you enjoy online group classes, but sometimes feel you're not getting the most from them! Each programme is a combination of private 1-2-1s and a bundle of classes, and comes with a tailored training plan to work around your schedule and running.

The 1-2-1s provide tailored feedback on your form and technique during exercises, identifying any imbalances that could be worked on and recommending modifications and progressions you can use in your group classes.  The group class bundle will provide the flexibility (and motivation!) to make sure you stick to your agreed training plan and see progress quickly!

Programmes also come with regular check-ins to offer encouragement and troubleshooting as you need it.

They're a great alternative to a gym membership or personal trainer, offering a regular routine and accountability, but with flexibility to work around your schedule and a more personal touch.

RUN Longer, Stronger, Happier
(6 Weeks)

Perfect to get to grips with Pilates and understand where (and how!) you can strengthen your body and improve your running! 

  • 30 mins goal-setting consultation 

  • 2 x 1 hour private sessions via Zoom or in person*

  • 6 x Runlates class passes - choice of options

  • Weekly progress check and troubleshooting

  • Personalised fitness plan + home workouts

RUN Longer, Stronger, Happier
(12 Weeks)

See and feel clear improvements in your posture, strength and running over 3 months. Perfect if you have a specific event or goal in mind!

  • 30 mins goal-setting consultation

  • 4 x 1 hour private sessions via Zoom or in person*

  • 12 x Runlates class passes - choice of options 

  • Weekly progress check and troubleshooting

  • Personalised fitness plan, home workouts 


A private one-to-one is ideal to develop a plan to achieve your individual goals - whether recovering from injury, training for an event or upping the challenge that you get in class. You'll get honest feedback to identify where imbalances may lie, and a clear programme to help address.

If you're working with a physio, I can liaise directly to ensure your Pilates practice works towards the same goals - to get you back up and running sooner!

I offer Mat Pilates either in one of the studios I work at, or can travel to you depending on location. I will also soon be offering Reformer Pilates 1-2-1s from my home studio in Shrewsbury.  


Coming soon!

I'm currently relocating and setting up my home studio, so will be offering introductory sessions at a reduced price soon!

Contact me directly and I'll get in touch first when it's ready.

matwork pilates 1-2-1 

 Zoom or in-person available (location dependent)

Optional check in call before/between each session

Plan created to fit around your schedule and/or runs

Regularity is up to you - use as a check in if you're doing classes, or weekly to get results fast!

£55 in person / £45 online per hour

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