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"I've been running on and off for a few years, mostly to help with my mental health rather than smash records. I find running a way of being mindful, enjoying my surroundings whilst keeping fit and healthy. The 6 week course has been particularly complimentary to this.

The classes have helped me reengage with my body, be more aware of my posture and positioning and consequently have been finding running even more enjoyable.

I've also found that I've less aches and pains in my hips and knees over the course of the 6 weeks.

Vic is a fantastic teacher. She has a lovely energy, very clear with her instructions and explanations and makes you feel at ease when you are new to it all.

Very much recommend the classes!"


"I had been doing quite a gentle form of Pilates for a few years before starting one-to-one sessions with Vic, and knew it was something I wanted to explore more deeply as I could already feel the benefits. I’d also started running regularly and felt it could help me to improve.

Vic has tailored every session week by week, to my own goals, and to how my body is feeling/reacting to new and modified exercises. I have come on so quickly with her careful instruction and really feel she has been able to address my ‘problem areas’ which we continue to work on! She has been flexible, encouraging and so thorough throughout.

Pilates is now part of everyday life for me, and it is only with Vic’s guidance that I’ve been confident enough to push myself further. My whole body feels stronger and more able, and I can’t wait to see what she has up her sleeve for me as we continue!"


"Great class - my hips were calling you horrible names... but other than that it was ace!"

*As Nathan isa PT, I'm taking this as a compliment!


"I've never been much into indoor exercise, I used to go to the gym but that was pretty much it until I discovered outdoor boot camp. I tried Pilates years ago and although I preferred it to Yoga, I still felt it wasn't challenging enough for me. During lockdown I started running more and feltI needed something else not only to add variety but also to help my body, as I'm not a runner and I was finding it quite hard on the legs.

I do Vic's classes with my flatmate who's always done Pilates and from the get go it was a totally different experience. Not only is it quite hard (we sweat!), I find it really helps my running and generally my body feels better for doing something so contrasting. It's really good for the abs and I feel like I'm getting a proper workout.

Vic is good at showing and explaining the moves as well as checking form which is so important - if I'm going to do it, I want to do it right! Her classes are informal, varied and fun. She's always prepared and has a plan to push us that extra bit each week, explaining what we are doing and why.

In the three months of lockdown I have not only improved hugely but also really enjoy it and look forward to each class. Even though we are now back outside with boot camp - I will be continuing with Pilates as I have noticed how much it helps with other activities."


"I was a Pilates first-timer when I joined Vic’s Runlates class so I didn’t know what to expect. Though I’ve run and cross-trained for years nothing has worked my core or glutes as hard or in the same way as Vic’s Runlates session. Her clear, calm instruction and encouragement persuade even the most reluctant muscle to move with control and balance.

I’d recommend Vic’s class to anyone who wants to improve their overall posture and or their running technique. Whereas previously in order to run faster I would just “try harder,” Vic’s classes have got me thinking about how I move when I run and more generally, how to use core strength to my benefit when sitting and standing."


"Great classes, motivating and encouraging.  Good to have something that links directly to the areas that impact running. Adaptable positions to all levels of Pilates, can't wait for the next class to practice a few of the new moves!"


"My previous experience of Pilates classes have felt more like an hour of stretching, but with Vic we really get our muscles working and it feels like a great workout.

Vic is always really clear in her instructions and very encouraging throughout. I especially like the fact that every week I feel like I'm improving a little but also challenged to push myself further - it's a great mix!"


"I had heard about the benefits of Pilates from friends at my golf club and initiated lockdown sessions with Vic after a recommendation from my daughter.

In the last three months, I have had a pilates session weekly, via Zoom with Vic and have been delighted with the results. Let’s just say that I am an “ older person” but my mobility has improved greatly, I am more supple and my painful knees have all but disappeared- result. Vic’s sessions are very professional and friendly and she is assiduous in following up each session with hard copies of the exercises via email.

The zoom sessions are personal but, by their very nature, not physically close and it means that the tuition is geared to my needs as an individual and, thus not having to be part of a group is advantageous for an older person. Having said that, if there was no alternative, I would not hesitate to join one of Vic’s smaller groups.

Great service, great results - I recommend Vic as a very professional  pilates teacher without any reservations".


"Really enjoy my weekly Runlates class, it's great for core strength and also understanding (and working on) the key muscles used for running!"

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