About me

Hi, I'm Victoria...

...certified STOTT PILATES® instructor, runner and founder of RUNLATES!

I came to running in my early 30s, wanting to do something alongside Pilates to further improve my fitness. Having grown up in Shropshire, I love exploring the outdoors so running seemed perfect!  After finding a great group of running friends, I signed up for my first marathon a year later and during training fully appreciated how well Pilates had prepared my body for running. As I upped the distance, and diversified training I felt great!

Keen to learn more, I trained as an instructor. I'm fascinated by the biomechanics of how we move, and how clever we are at adapting - both to compensate for weakness and re-learn movement patterns through focused training.  I try to share this with my clients as it's important to understand why we do an exercise, rather than just the 'how'.

RUNLATES is all about working together so we can keep you running longer, stronger and happier. I'm passionate about supporting you to achieve your goals - from running longer distances to just moving more comfortably day-to-day.  If there's something you'd like to work towards, I'd love to have a chat and find out more!





excited to work with...


Wendy Joelson (owner of Shropshire Pilates) and I founded a Pilates Run Club in Church Stretton, open and accessible to all levels and with a thorough warm up and cool down based on Pilates principles. 

We explore the surrounding area on a short route each week and hold monthly longer runs and optional drills for those wanting to progress.

I also teach general level Pilates for Shropshire Pilates in Church Stretton, All Stretton and at the Shropshire Hills Discovery Centre.


Beautifully crafted outdoor adventures. A community for those seeking outdoor adventures, new challenges and sharing incredible experiences together.

Created to be ‘The place where all paths meet’, we bring together the outdoors, independent businesses and you.

We work in partnership with a wide range of independent businesses, activity instructors and experts, to craft a calendar of outdoor events for you, every week.

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