Pilates is a low impact form of exercise, focused on posture, alignment and core strength, ensuring your muscles work safely and effectively.  The approach is centred around developing strong muscle balance around joints, whilst ensuring good spinal mobility.  

For runners, this is essential to avoid pain in areas such as your lower back, knees and hips, making Pilates is the perfect match to help you stay injury free.

We run to relax, to socialise and to explore as well as to stay fit - and so whilst strength workouts are important we understand they're oftensimply a means to keep exploring the roads or trails as long as possible.  

RUNLATES offers small group classes, social running groups and bespoke individual programmes tailored to your individual goals.  Live online classes and on demand workouts are also available to fit around your schedule. 

Join us to experience the benefits of Pilates, and meet some great like-minded people to run and explore your local area with!

Hi! I'm Victoria...

...a certifed, experienced STOTT PILATESĀ® instructor trained to deliver bespoke programmes for runners.

As a marathon runner myself, I learned first-hand how Pilates builds the core strength and good alignment needed to stay injury free - and ultimately run longer, stronger and happier!

I offer a choice of classes, runs and programmes to complement your running - so whether you run for pure enjoyment or PBs take a look and see which option could work for you!

what's available

Pilates for Runners small group classes, with an optional social run before or after.

Experience how Pilates can improve overall strength and muscle balance, before heading out on a run to feel the difference!

Come and explore with us! We start with a short Pilates class to warm up, before heading out for a scenic trail run.

Afterwards, we finish with a relaxing stretch class before usually heading off for coffee and cake!


Pilates for Runners, Power Pilates, and Intermediate Matwork available online, both live and recorded.

On demand specialist workouts also available with unlimited access.

Try an individual session in my home studio using the Pilates Reformer.

I also offer programmes including both 1-2-1 training and live classes - fully tailored to achieve your personal goals.

why runlates?


"Great class - my hips were calling you horrible names, but other than that it was ace!"


"I've come on so quickly with Vic's careful instruction in our 1-2-1s, and really feel she's been able to address my 'problem areas' which we continue to work on together!"


"Really enjoy my weekly Runlates class - it's great for building core strength, understanding (and working on!) the key muscles used for running."


"Though I've run and cross trained for years, nothing has worked my core or glutes as hard or in the same way as a Runlates session!"

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